The Great Opportunity

The research project EarlyNutrition focuses on investigating the underlying mechanisms of early programming and practical approaches suitable for the prevention of overweight and associated disease risks early in life.

A systematic approach has been defined which builds on the expertise of researchers from 12 countries in Europe, the United States and Australia. This is necessary as research on early nutrition programming has been conducted throughout the world for years, and obesity and its related diseases have become more and more a global health concern rather than a problem in only certain countries.

With its international, transatlantic consortium, EarlyNutrition aims to pool global expertise, infrastructures, and data in order to make the best possible use of the current knowledge on metabolic programming.


The Coordinator

The University of Munich (LMU) serves as coordinator for this project. The LMU is one of the largest academic centres in Germany, ranking in the very top group of German universities in research funding provided by the German Research Council.


Prof Berthold Koletzko
(Professor of Paediatrics) acts as scientific co-ordinator of EarlyNutrition. With the direct predecessor project EARNEST he has obtained crucial expertise in and implemented the necessary infrastructure for the co-ordination of large EC funded projects.